Frequently asked questions

What is the difference 
between an annual training place versus 1:1 coaching?

While the annual training plan and coaching services are built on the same principles of periodization (Base, Build, Peak, Taper), coaching is a continuous evaluation of your training progress in order to modify workouts within the upcoming phases. 

If you're looking to race in multiple triathlons within one season, we recommend our Annual Training Plan ($100). This provides our triathletes a completely individualized and custom plan in order to peak for your "A" race(s).

I'm looking at multiple races this season but not ready to commit to a coach, what do you recommend?
I have never completed a triathlon. Do you coach beginners?

Absolutely. We coach triathletes of all skill levels and experience. In fact, we love introducing beginners to the growing sport of triathlon.

I'm not local to the
Charleston area. Do you provide remote coaching services?

Yes. While we love the opportunity to coach local triathletes, we are able to provide 1:1 remote coaching services to athletes across the country.

Because of the time commitment for both the coach and athlete, we ask our athletes to commit to at least three (3) months of coaching services. If you have concerns with this commitment, please feel free to contact us.

Is there a minimum commitment if I sign up for coaching? 
Do your training
plans integrate with
Training Peaks? 

Yes. We can provide your annual training plan via Training Peaks.